I’m an Australian writer living in London.

I’m on Instagram (private, but open to you) and Twitter as @dailydoseofjess.

Since 2011 I’ve run an email newsletter called READ. LOOK. THINK. Sent out every three or four weeks, each edition contains around fifty links to essays, books, first person writing, research, recipes, podcasts, interiors, more.

It got too big for my old email provider and can now be found here on Substack. Take a look at the Archives to see what you can expect.

“Jess’s newsletter is the best, a somehow cozy periodical roundup re: the disasters and pleasures of modern life.” Sarah Blackwood. | Genius – Miss Moss. | Fantastic – The Monthly online. | “[Y]ou can honestly trust her with your life, or at least with what you are reading” – Hello Giggles. | “One of our foolproof go-to bookmarks” – Creative Tourist. | “The concept of this small yet perfectly formed newsletter is so brilliantly clever that I want to die for never having thought of it myself.” – Glamour Globe. | “a great eye” – When I Get a Minute. | “The internet/world is such a lovely, bearable place seen through @dailydoseofjess‘s eyes/links” – Rachael Maddux.

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