READ: “Faced with a woman’s story, we’re overtaken with the swift taxonomic impulse an amateur astronomer feels on spotting Sirius: “There it is!” he says, and looks to the next star. It’s a pleasant activity because it organises and confirms, but it produces the fantasy that a lazy reading – not even a reading, but a looking – is adequate, sufficient, complete, correct.” | “If writing is like motherhood, is motherhood like writing? A child is not a draft. You cannot delete and start again. But there are some rhythms the two tasks share. Both are arts of attention.” | “With his close-cropped silver hair, gnomish goatee and general air of placid competence, he could have been an actuary or an I.T. manager — that is, until he opened his mouth.” Profile of beautiful Alan. | My slightly-neglected Hollinghurst tribute Twitter is in the New Yorker! | A poem: The Miscarriage. | The pre-2007 psychological thrillers of Nicci French are uniformly brilliant! | My shelf of Purely Pleasurable Perfect Rereads!

LOOK: Why haven’t I shared this favourite parenting blog before? Frida Be Mighty. | Made Honey & Co’s lamb, pine nut and pepper pilaf this week. And will make Meera Sodha’s mum’s chicken this weekend. | The flower room in my country house. (Not really mine!) | A Hackney flat. (There is nothing wrong with your house.) | “However, she couldn’t afford to store it and it was destroyed.” | “The image made me think maybe I could do it—maybe I could take my child everywhere like my parents did. Maybe I could go to a party in New York, and set her down on a bed if she gets sleepy, and later, pick her up and carry her home.”

THINK: I love iconic Australian Nick Kyrgios!!! | “Everything, really everything, has been codified in terms of male needs.” | The Cut and its philosophies of “[n]uance, empathy, and a reverence for women’s inner lives.” (Certainty is the enemy.) | “One day, while she was picking their children up from daycare, he burned a handful of her possessions: her Nasty Women shirt, her Hillary Clinton pins.” The liberal men we love. | Two very intense, very good podcast episodes: Five Women / Why now?