READ: The last Swiss finishing school. | No Makeup, by Sharon Olds. | No one wants to hear the truth. | Meaghan Daum’s affair with the intellectual dark web. | “While I’m doing those secretarial tasks, the book begins to secretly take form.” An interview with Olivia Laing, plus screenshots. | The sunburnt country. | Chinatown. | When you were six. | Cusk. | I want to read a whole book being inside this woman’s mind. | Lily Allen narrates her autobiography My Thoughts Exactly. | Nigella has recorded How to Eat as an audiobook! She commented to someone on Instagram that it will soon be released outside the UK. | Importantly, The Line of Beauty is also on Audible, the same incredible droll, poignant recording I had on CD that cost me about £50 to get off eBay many years ago.

LOOK: “May I accept my sadness knowing that I am not my sadness.” | I often find recipes online by just googling what I want to cook +Felicity Cloake Perfect. Excited for this! | Watch Salt Fat Acid Heat and fall in love with Samin Nosrat. | Even if you never went to my favourite restaurant in Hackney, Railroad, you should buy the Railroad Forever cookbook. Every single recipe is simple but wonderful, like home cooking but about 20-25% better. When will the chef Lizzie Parle get a TV show? I’m desperate for it! | Everything that rises must dance. | 18 around the world. | A former vicarage. | The Old Parsonage. | Braving the cold with Hampstead’s women swimmers. | How to minimize repetitive stress injuries from carrying a baby. | Jam bars.

THINK: Neoliberal perfectionism. | “The glou glou aesthetic applies to more than wine. Glou glou is a stripped-down renovation that showcases a building’s “bones.” It’s not wearing makeup and looking great, because you’re well rested and have an elaborate skin-care routine. (Natural wine, like natural beauty, requires long-term commitment. Minimalism works best when it’s minimal only on the surface.)” | The almost impossible difficulty of being a woman barrister. | Should art be a battleground for social justice? | “It’s amazing that a tech company can make me—me!—divide my self-worth into endless discrete moments and distribute them among people I’ve never met and on average don’t think are very smart.” | Instagram Stories have helped men accept their strange faces. | Erectile dysfunction or performance anxiety? | “If you intend to have children, but you don’t intend to have them just yet, you are not banking extra years as a person who is still too young to have children. You are subtracting years from the time you will share the world with your children.” | It’s okay to have children. | The man who knew too little. | Blow, pick or swallow? A definitive guide to clearing a blocked nose. | Between the ages of 8 and 14, girls’ confidence levels fall by 30 percent. | Of the four parental ‘feeding styles,’ only one is good for kids’ health. | Why white parents need to talk to their children about race. | It’s really okay to say no to playing with your child. | Very good and reasonable podcast episode about attachment. | “It is painful to watch a woman caught and torn in the gears of a man’s progress.” | The 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 method. | “The intimacy that develops within fraternal circles between men who care for each other necessitates a vigorous performance of heterosexuality in order to combat the appearance of homosexuality.” | “Poor souls. It was best not to provoke them.” | How white women use strategic tears to silence women of colour. | All career advice for women is a form of gaslighting. | Everything you know about obesity is wrong. | The idea that sperm race to the egg is just another macho myth. | Group therapy for the end of the world. | No one likes being called out, but here are some things to say instead of getting defensive. | Open marriage is a neoliberal pathology. | A relatively small, single-food substitution could be the most powerful change a person makes in terms of their lifetime environmental impact. | Britain’s middle-class Brexit Anxiety Disorder. | How to raise optimistic kids in pessimistic times.