READ: How to kill your envy. | The nadir: a second birth story / “It feels like we are going into this alone, but I don’t mind, because I don’t need the posse of hype-men this time around.” | How to survive a visit from your mother. | “… when you pick a partner, you pick a story, and then you find yourself in a play you never auditioned for.” | “May you never see the person you love with tubes running out of their body, I wished for them…” | ‘Right now I hate men,’ [Plath] wrote to her analyst. ‘I am stunned, bitter.’ | The end of endings. | “So this is what a death anniversary feels like. It’s my first one.” | Big profiles: Sally Rooney. Penny Martin. Rachel Cusk. Lena Dunham. Sheryl Sandberg. (And have I recommended Anne Helen Peterson’s newsletter?). Julia Louis-Dreyfus (“The lucky thing,” Hall said, “is that Julia’s never been that interested in . . .” “Other men?” she finished for him, laughing. “In other men,” he deadpanned. “She’s cheated so little. . . . I mean, comparatively.”) | “A clean, processed piece of writing with no bumps or snags may not trigger existential shame, but is also unlikely to emit beta elements from your body to your reader’s body, your unconscious to their unconscious—to move them.” | If you haven’t read the Cazalets now is the time to do it.

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THINK: “It feels like getting on an airplane to fly home, only to realize mid-flight that this is it: You’re going to spend the rest of your life on an airplane.” | Anger and disgust, trust and hope, childhood and experience: this podcast with Martha Nussbaum explains everything. / Six year olds should be allowed to vote. | “This country is built — capitalism is built, patriarchy is built, whiteness is built — on the idea that trauma can be offloaded on the least of us.” | “Well I turned out fine.” | Dealing with past trauma may be the key to breaking addiction. | Post-partum intrusive thoughts. | More hormones! My fascination. | Retweet slaves. | “They’re not special at all,” [Michelle Obama’s mother said about her kids.] “The South Side is filled with kids like that.” | The world’s on fire. Can we still talk about books? | Self-care won’t save us. | “I like we have a space where it says you know what it is OK to be in life? Smart, well read and a nice person.” | “Why ruin my day by getting into this?” | “I always tell my daughters they can be anything they want, so long as they don’t make other people feel uncomfortable.” (j/k) / The imagined threat of a woman who governs like a man. | How to save people from suicide. | Why are young people having so little sex? | Don’t despair: the climate fight is only over if you think it is. | A cure for cancer? How to kill a killer.