“The result of the referendum was a transfer of angry feelings from many leavers, those who had been economically and socially squeezed, to remainers. There was no escaping the leavers’ fury. We have all had to see the country as broken; to give up the delusion that everyone was OK. Manifestly people weren’t. The question is how to absorb and reflect on the dispossession and rage. The Brexit vote said to remainers: “You will no longer have it your way. You are going to feel threatened as we have felt threatened. You can lose your hope as we lost ours.” How to cope with Brexit uncertainty.

READ: “The people who lived in the portal were often compared to those lab rats who kept hitting a button over and over to get a pellet. But at least the rats were getting a pellet, or the hope of a pellet, or the memory of a pellet. When we hit the button, all we were getting was to be more of a rat.” | ‘Blah blah tragedy, blah blah sexy, blah blah cooking‘. | A bigger life in a smaller city. | “The stereotype is that someone who is attracted to all genders is actually just greedy, and using their sexuality as a shield against charges of promiscuity. We’re supposed to be upset at this accusation.” | Pleasure activism. | The self-discipline trap: when control is your greatest pleasure. | The Like as read receipt. | In defence of the Instagram reading list. | “Congratulations, you’ve found a new, not particularly original, way to say ‘shut up and cook.'” | The curse of the Twitter reply guy. (I honestly thought only I had this problem. I wish I had read this before I deleted my Twitter!) | Influencer culture has turned vulnerability into a sales tool. | “Stop dating the standup comic because you want to be a standup comic. Drop the guy and grab the mic.” | “… love itself exists outside the framework of justice. There is no court at which to plead your case, no authority who can grant you recompense.” | The Friend.

LOOK: AA Gill’s London flat (1997). | How to use Screen Time / Do Not Disturb. | Cute hotel room work out (not that I stay in hotels or “work out”). |Margot Henderson’s recipe for bacon-and-egg pie. | Menocore. | New plant-focused diet would transform planet’s future. | Vegan spaghetti bolognese. | The Stew. | Portraits of a wife through sixty years of marriage.

THINK: Jacinda Ardern is leading by following no one. | There are no real winners in the culture war. | Mothers don’t have callings, they have childcare hours.” | “The fact of this disproportionate labor is further evidence of our incompetence. We didn’t choose the right partner (we are foolish); we didn’t stand up for ourselves (we are weak); we were outmaneuvered in our own homes (we lack tactical skills).” | Under-fives: “the whole problem is that you don’t want anybody else to take over, nor do you want to do it all yourself; you don’t want to be lonely, but on the other hand, the outside world can’t get a look-in – an absolute contradiction that money has no answer to.” | “These activities may sound like torture to the childless version of yourself, but the parental version may find them illuminated by love, and so redeemed. You may end up becoming a different person—a parent.” | Change your understanding of misogyny. | “When I wrote “The Case for Reparations,” my notion wasn’t that you could actually get reparations passed, even in my lifetime. My notion was that you could get people to stop laughing.” | The philosopher redefining equality. | Affect Theory and the new Age of Anxiety. (“Stupmility”: a combination of shock and boredom.) | “…the reason anti-vaxxers give for their stance is that they want to protect their children, which is the same reason there are national vaccine programmes.” To fight denialism, find common ground. | “If someone else is taking the flak you would have got, in eras past, that flak is still your problem.” | “Everything is not going to be okay”: How to live with constant reminders that the Earth is in trouble. | The Parents’ Guide to Climate Revolution. | Can they save us? | “This is not because I believe I consciously espouse anti-semitic views, but because I do not consider myself immune to them. There is no reason why I should not be prone to a centuries-old virus that is deeply rooted in western society.” | In conservative news: An agenda for moderates / The capitalism of the future demands a bigger role for the state. | Republic now. | Poorer Brexiters voted to be worse off? There’s nothing wrong in that. | The secret weapon of Westminster’s women: WhatsApp. | White people assume niceness is the answer to racial inequality. It’s not. | Help tweens and teens manage social conflict. | The malign incompetence of the British ruling class. | The existence in Britain of a flourishing private-school sector not only limits the life chances of those who attend state schools but also damages society at large. | “Private education is not fair. Those who provide it know it. Those who pay for it know it. Those who have to sacrifice in order to purchase it know it. And those who receive it know it, or should. And if their education ends without it dawning on them then that education has been wasted.” | What chance have you got against an oligarchy that’s endlessly accommodating and flexible?