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It’s my bathroom!!! (Posting it on my Instagram, I received the most positive feedback I’d experienced since the day I bought the children Kinder eggs and Barbie magazine. I’m not made of stone; here it is again.)

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Super super super quick one today so even less context than usual but I promise each thing is good.


Bad dog.

"If you cannot write other without the assistance of a dedicated team of marginalized people to check your every sentence, then you should likely interrogate the writing that is about self."

“If you can still be considered “mature for your age,” you are not an older person’s equal.” 

"The expertly crafted hatchet job encourages the reader to go and read the book. We feel compelled to see if the body matches its autopsy report."

"Some feminist writers have made analogies between a woman’s body and a house. Interior, domestic, hospitable, private, decorated... For me, it’s more like being in a rental apartment. Why get invested?"

Crying in H Mart.

I think I had heard of Glennon Doyle but certainly had not understood anything about her until I read this amazing Ariel Levy profile.

"As a teenage girl, I fell in love with a version of love but hardly any of those stories included women like me. I never saw the loves of girls of my background played out on screen or written about in books or magazines unless their lives ended badly; women of my Muslim background are rarely included nor given happy endings in the narratives of popular culture, mostly because someone else is always writing our script for us."

"Shying away from explicit queer content and instead illuminating the paths that fear or convention force you to take was—and is—sometimes the only option available for writers unwilling or unable to acknowledge the queer themes in their work."

Alison Bechdel's introduction to a brilliant new collection of Vita Sackville-West and Virginia Woolf's love letters, where you get both sides of the corro.

"It required being clumsy and eager about things I can now afford to be blasé towards..."

“To be a so-called clever woman is to be moving blindly and dumbly under a crust of oneself all the time. I am partly a clever woman, but also very much more and very, very much less.”

There is always something really good on the New Yorker Page Turner blog (sorry, is that just too obvious, like saying "Call my Agent is great"?)


Brilliant podcast episode about the viral photograph of a Black man rescuing an injured racist during the 2020 London BLM protests.

In London, Curry Club.

Remove your saved autofill bank card details from Chrome before you follow @aconsideredspace and her weekly interiors round ups.

The quiet revolution of Black Homes UK. (Madness that Nads and Juls do not have a book or TV show yet!)

Our new garden is north-facing so I love this helpful Instagram account about shade-loving plants @hellotherelinda.

One beautiful (normally Australian) tree a day @sophtreeofday.

Beautiful and unusual flat in Brockley @artistshousebroccoli.

I will not rest til I have seen every centimetre of Lucinda Chambers' domicile.

Eight thousand rose bushes rescued from the bulldozer.


Diet Coke addiction.

Dolly Alderton and Caroline O’Donohue’s podcast miniseries on SATC!

Kate Moss and her nanny in her kitchen:

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“We want to call work what is work,” she wrote, “so that eventually we might rediscover what is love.”

"For 80 years or so, proclaiming that you were having a nervous breakdown was a legitimized way of declaring a sort of temporary emotional bankruptcy in the face of modern life’s stresses."

"the willingness to expose your wounds is another sign of privilege. Those for whom injury has a use-value will display their injuries; those for whom woundedness is a survival risk, won’t. As a consequence, middle-class grievances now drown out lower class pain."

Reality shifting. | Digital rooms.

The internet of beefs.

Motivational interviewing.

What if desecration of the environment were a mortal sin? Could faith accomplish what science and politics have not?

Unequal Britain (scary survey says the quiet parts out loud).

“‘So where should we make the point that all these programs were created without concern for their cost when the goal was to build a white middle class, and they paid for themselves in economic growth? Now these guys are trying to fundamentally renege on the deal for a future middle class that would be majority people of color?’ Nobody answered. I checked to see if I was muted.”

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